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Urso Camel Fountain Pen in Sterling Silver.
Urso Camel Fountain Pen in Sterling Silver.

Urso Camel Fountain Pen - Sterling Silver - Limited Edition

Limited edition of 50 sterling silver fountain pens with Camel motif.
Item Number: 7041020
Availability: In Stock / Special Order
Gender: Male
Category: 982
Color Pattern: Silver/Gold
Material: Sterling Silver/Resin

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Urso Camel Fountain Pen
Limited edition of  50

Materials : solid Sterling silver 925 and resin.
Nib: gold 18kt
Charging system: Converter or cartridges
Warranty: 24 months and lifetime assistance
The Camel, domesticated for more than 4000 years, lives side by side with man.
According to a well known saying, man becomes the parasite of his camel, in Arabic: saf + nat al-barr, due to his dependence upon ‘the Ship of the Dessert' because of its ability to travel long distances on rough terrain without food or water.

In fairly recent times, the camel has been used for racing. The most renowned racing camels, come from the Southern Arabian region of Mahra in the Persian Gulf. They originate from camels called Mehari, (in Arabic mahr+ ."del Mahra") which are known for their speed, and are also used by the Camel Military Corp, the Meharisti.

The Camel is not known for its beauty or elegance but mother nature never fails in her work.
Its habitat, so inhospitable for many, has created an animal able to survive harsh dessert conditions where only the sound of its hustle and bustle accompanies the silent journey of the caravans.

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