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Underwood Briarwood Watch Winder - The Twelve-Module Unit
Underwood Briarwood Twelve Module. The Briarwood collection offers everything from a single watch winder case to a Twenty Module Cabinet.

Underwood Briarwood Watch Winder - The Twelve-Module Unit

Twelve module watch winder with Briarwood veneer
Item Number: 6360140
Availability: In Stock / Special Order
Gender: Unisex
Category: 6870
Color Pattern: Brown
Material: Wood

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Underwood Briarwood Watch Winder - The Twelve-Module Unit

Art. Code: UN/827

Dimensions: ca. W42 x H40.8 x D15.5 cm
Approx. W16 1/2 x H16 1/8 x D6 1/8 inches

The Underwood Briarwood Twelve Module Watch Winder Unit is handmade with 12 reliable winders housed in an elegant wood tower case.  Powered by Maxon motors from Switzerland, this beautiful watch winder unit is excellent for larger collections of automatic watches. The Underwood Twelve Module Watch Winder commands attention as a work of beauty.


The Underwood Briarwood Twelve Module Watch Winder Unit for luxury automatics offers a protective glass door and reliable Swiss Maxon motors. It includes a luxury leather cover for travel with any of the removable watch winder modules.

Twelve module Rotobox watch winder for luxury watches


The Underwood Briarwood Watch Winder Collection offers an exquisite selection of handcrafted cases finished in a veneer of Briarwood. It is the most elegant way to display and maintain your automatic watch collection. The Underwood Briarwood Watch Winder Collection offers luxurious watch winders and watch cases in sizes from a single watch-case to a Twenty Module Cabinet.



The Underwood Watch Winder Module

    Operates on either AC or battery power
    When using AC power, battery power is automatically cut off, preserving the life of your batteries
    Continuously flashing green LED lets you know the system is operational, even during rest cycles
    Low-battery indicator gives you ample time to safely replace the batteries (1 month)

Easy-to-use and efficient
Underwood watch winders are fully automatic, with no adjustments needed. Just place your watch on the spring-loaded mount mechanism, insert the mount into the module and turn on the unit. The unit will rotate 30 minutes clockwise, then 30 minutes counterclockwise, after which it will stop for three hours. It will then repeat this cycle. The result is a 24-hour cycle, making the Underwood watch winders ideal for all automatic watches, whether modern or heirloom.

Each Underwood module operates on AC or battery power. And each multiple winding box comes with an extra single-unit leather carrying case. So you can use your Underwood winder at home, in your office or on your next trip-even protect it in a safe.

With the Modular Winding System from Underwood, you can build your system as your automatic watch collection grows. Each single unit works independently even when housed in one of the Underwood multiple-unit boxes.

Your Underwood watch winder is housed in the finest materials. The single module protects your watch in a durable, smooth finish, high-tech coated, abrasion-resistant composite material. Following the long tradition of Underwood fine leather accessories, the luxurious leather cases are handcrafted in Italy from carefully selected full grain, natural vegetable-tanned leather. Each case is accented with solid brass fittings decorated with the 'Clou de Paris' found on all Underwood products.

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