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Underwood Biometric Briefcase
Underwood Biometric Security Briefcase is custom produced with a customer specified interior. Luxurious, elegant, and secure storage for documents, jewelry, watches and valuables.

Underwood Biometric Briefcase

Underwood Jewelry and Watch briefcase with Biometric Lock System
Item Number: 6360225
Availability: In Stock
Gender: Unisex
Category: 101
Color Pattern: Black Calf,Tan Calf,Black Printed Croco,Tan Printed Croco,Black Printed Ostrich,Brown Printed Croco
Material: Leather

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Underwood Biometric Lock Briefcase
Custom/Bespoke production

Underwood Biometric Lock Briefcase is a custom handmade fingerprint security attache case crafted in Italian luxury leather. This expensive high security custom briefcase offers secure storage can be programmed for secure fingerprint access for up to 90.

The Underwood Biometric Briefcase is highly sought by the wealthy, diplomats, and corporate executives because of its high security features. It is used to transport expensive items such as jewelry, watches, and precious gemstones as well as sensitive documents and important papers.

The Underwood Biometric Briefcase is offered in the following standard leathers:
- Black Leather
- Brown Leather
- Tan Leather
- Black Croco Stamped Leather
- Brown Croco Stamped Leather
- Black Ostrich Stamped Leather
- Brown Ostrich Stamped Leather

The Underwood Biometric Briefcase Attache is custom manufactured allowing you to choose alternative calf leather colors or exotic skins such as alligator or ostrich. The interior is custom configured with compartments, storage cases and watch and jewelry rolls according to your needs.

Buy monogrammed or personalized as desired with name, initials, or logo.

In keeping with the Underwood philosophy of luxurious elegant design the Biometric lock system has allowed us to develop a sleek design without the need for obtrusive metal locks on the outside of the case.

Underwood in designing and developing this unique system has selected the biometric fingerprint recognition system for this innovative new way of offering our clients the ultimate in safe storage and protection for their watches and jewelry. Unlike keys or passwords biometric traits cannot be forgotten or mislaid, are extremely difficult to copy, share or distribute and they also require that the person being authenticated is present at the time of authentication. To guarantee maximum privacy and security the fingerprints are not stored as images and cannot be transferred or copied, the system software converts all prints into a mathematical.

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