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Sanctus Michael Archangelus Fountain Pen handpainted resin with 18k Gold overlay and trim.
Sanctus Michael Archangelus Fountain Pen handpainted resin with 18k Gold overlay and trim.

Tibaldi Sanctus Michael Archangelus Fountain Pen - 18k Gold

Limited edition of 50 Saint Michael themed fountain pens, hand-painted resin with 18k Goldoverlay.
Item Number: 71601142
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Category: 982
Material: 18k Gold/Resin

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Tibaldi Sanctus Michael Archangelus Fountain Pen
Limited Edition of 50 - 18k Gold

A source of inspiration for countless painters, Saint Michael is typically depicted as winged and with an unsheathed sword. Portrayed as young and strong in magnificent armor, he is often seen in combat with a dragon or standing upon the vanquished Satan. It is this image that captures the essence of Saint Michael, and it is the image that adorns the pen fashioned in his honor by Tibaldi.

Tibaldi's source is the stunningly beautiful icon created by a master from Palekh, who was influenced by the Russian modernist style. Adapted for the pen by Tibaldi's talented artist, Lorena Straffi, the Archangel appears on a gold background with texture and detail simulating a mosaic. Hand-painted by Straffi, Saint Michael tramples underfoot a devil, represented as a young man reclining on the grassy ground decorated with narcissuses. In his right hand, Michael holds a cross, a spear and a criterion; in his left, he carries the lowered sword in the patterned sheath.

Tibaldi's designers have wrapped this image around the pen's barrel, creating its details in relief. The Archangel's wings, body and armor are reproduced in precious metal, hand-engraved and perforated to show the colors of a classic icon through the apertures. The image is also engraved on the 18k solid gold, part-rhodium-plated nib, with the angel's wings and armor highlighted in 18k yellow gold.

Released a limited edition of 50 18k Gold fountain pens to represent the 50 angels in Christian and Islamic tradition. The pen body is in resin.

In keeping with Tibaldi tradition, The Tibaldi Sanctus Michael Archangelus has been developed according to the strictures of the Divine Proportion (phi). Its clip is made using the lost-wax technique, implemented by hand by Tibaldi's skilled engravers and shaped like an angel's wing. It also incorporates the signature Tibaldi rotating wheel at its base.

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