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Tibaldi Constantinian Limited Edition Sterling Silver Fountain Pen

Limited edition sterling silver fountain pen honoring Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George.
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Tibaldi Constantinian Collection - Sterling Silver Fountain Pen

The Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George Sterling Silver FountainPen by TIBALDI is a precious work of art, born from an idea of designer, Maurizio Cavazzuti. Embellished with gold accents, each Tibaldi Constantinian sterling silver fountain pen is finely etched by hand, with the symbols associated with the Order, the Constantinian cross and the coat-of-arms of the Royal House of Bourbons and the Kingdom of the two Sicilies. The burgundy resin trims, evoking the heraldic colours of the Order, blend with precious metals like gold and silver and contrast nicely with the light blue amazonite stone adorning the cap's ornament.

The Tibaldi Constantinian Sterling Silver Fountain Pen is produced as a limited edition of 230.

Constantinian Pen Nib
The Sacer Militaris Ordo Constantiniani Sancti Georgii Sterling Silver Pen's striking nib is rhodium and yellow gold and engraved with the image of the Constantinian cross. Rhodium is only applied outside the contours of the cross and inside the words, requiring the skill of an experienced goldsmith. The iridium point is welded to the gold and shaped according to the writing grade desired. Like the original Tibaldi nibs from the early twentieth century, each nib is engraved with the guarantee of first-class writing quality, "1a Qualita”. The thickness of gold varies across the nib to maximize flexibility and thereby the writer's comfort. Writing grades available are: Fine (F) and Medium (M).

Patented Filling Mechanism
The mechanical precision and reliability of TIBALDI's innovative filling system resembles the winding mechanism of a high quality watch. An international patent (MI2005U 000449 - Fountain pen with "perfected” filling mechanism), has been secured for this unique filling mechanism.The cursor for producing the snap rotation runs along a toothed surface. The number of teeth of the bushing, 32, is a multiple of phi, 1.618. Rotating the blind cap, when filling the pen, has the same sound and feel as manually winding a watch crown. What's more, the mechanism applies a slight resistance to rotation, avoiding brusque movements at the bottom of the pen reducing the risk of accidental leakage. The unique filling mechanism has a tank that holds a generous amount of ink (0.9 ml).

Writing Range
The unique filling mechanism has a tank that holds a generous amount of ink (0.9 ml). A pen with a Medium nib, for example, writes approximately 486 meters per fill.

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