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Eureka Cartography Tigris World Globe - Blue Ocean - Bronze Relief

Handmade table globe with blue oceans and bronze relief continents: Height: 16" Globe diameter: 12"
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Eureka Tigris World Globe

Striking land and ocean colors make this globe a focal point in any room. Unique bronze, steel blue and silver LusterPrint(tm) inks create a highly polished and sophisticated image of the Earth by Eureka Globes. Deep blue oceans reflect true color, accenting subtle relief on bronze continents. Soft border vignettes present accurate political geography and world coastlines from an international perspective. Silver lines of latitude and longitude at 5° intervals create an unique location grid. Over 3000 place names make this a valuable reference tool for curious minds.

The exclusive axis arm mounting in brass and steel provides an unobstructed view of the world from all angles. Perfect for desk, table or shelf.

Model #1003
Height: 16"
Globe diameter: 12"

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