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The Pearls of Caran d'Ache Fountain Pen - 18k Solid Gold - Diamonds - Limited Edition
The Pearls of Caran d'Ache Fountain Pen handmade with 18k white gold decorated with diamonds and pearls.

The Pearls of Caran d'Ache Fountain Pen - 18k Solid Gold - Diamonds - Limited Edition

Jewellery Collection, 18ct solid white fountain pen with Akoya pearl and diamonds.
Item Number: 71315090
Availability: Custom Made to Order
Gender: Female
Category: 982

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The Pearls of Caran d'Ache Fountain Pen 18ct White Gold Limited Edition Pens
Conch Collection

It is no accident that Fine Writing and Fine Jewellery come together in the unique creations of Caran d’Ache. They are beautiful objects that excite the emotions, symbolizing elegance, sensuality and rarity. The time and complexity they involve is forgotten in the enjoyment of the harmony and the sense of sharing that gives birth to the “Perles de Caran d’Ache” Collection and its Limited Edition.

This concept arose from the material itself, slowly forming in the creator’s mind then drawn and modeled to produce the superb instruments that pay tribute to one of nature’s exceptional treasures: the conch pearl. The rose pearl of the Caribbean fired the imagination of Caran d’Ache designers with its subtle yet striking color: it creates flame-like reflections similar to watered silk with a halo of coral pink. This jeweller’s dream is surrounded by 80 diamonds set in two spirals of 18-carat gold and two Akoya pearls with their incomparable beige-pink luster. The effect is sheer enchantment.

To reveal all the magic of a conch pearl requires a worthy piece of jewellery. Here it has a contemporary setting which highlights its femininity; a lovingly designed jewel of a pen in white gold that cradles it in a scroll of 242 diamonds. This exclusive, emotional object is as mysterious as the pearl itself which is set into its cap, waiting patiently to join in the dance of words.

The long, slender body of the writing instrument echoes the natural form of a conch shell in solid 18-carat white gold. It is set with 160 diamonds -1.4 carats - which delicately outline. its curves and create a symphony of variations in reflected light. They dress the pen beautifully and emphasize its stature.

Equally eye-catching is the tip of the cap which houses a delicate jewel. Marrying a pearl and a diamond, a sensational 5.5mm Akoya pearl is set with a 2mm brilliant cut diamond. The cap also carries the master craftsman’s stamp and other official marks.

The piston pump in 18-carat white gold is decorated with guilloche and it, too, is crowned with a 2mm diamond.

The writing block of this majestically unique piece is subtly engraved with the form of a shell while the nib, in 18-carat plated white gold, is engraved to suggest the perfect shape of a pearl. Produced and polished by hand, it has a wonderful delicacy and makes writing superbly comfortable. Lastly, the ring is engraved with the Caran d’Ache logo and the pen’s individual number.

The special box that has been created for this gem of a writing instrument is inspired by the pearl’s natural protection: a shell. The ink bottle is a striking design in glass and mother-of-pearl palladium. It contains Blue Night ink, one of the “Colours of the Earth” collection, that evokes the depths of the ocean.

Each writing instrument is individually numbered from 1- 30.

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