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S.T. Dupont Initial Lighter with white brushed bronze finish.
S.T. Dupont Initial Lighter with white brushed bronze finish.

ST Dupont Initial Lighter - Brushed White Bronze

Yellow flame lighter with brushed white bronze finish.
Item Number: 7710705
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Gender: Male
Category: 503774
Color Pattern: Grey
Material: Bronze

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ST Dupont Initial Lighter - Silver - Brushed White Bronze Finish
Yellow Flame

Luxury lighter with brass body and brushed white bronze finish Double yellow flame Blue refill.

The Initial lighter proudly displays its affiliation with the revolutionary model that was created by S.T. Dupont in 1941, for a special commission from the Maharaja of Patiala, who was known as “The Magnificent”.
This entirely modern new model has been inspired by the timeless style of its celebrated predecessor, which went on to become a reference for S.T. Dupont aficionados. In particular, it features the guilloche cap, rounded corners and roller, in perfect keeping with its sleek brass body.

The new Initial has no trouble taking its place in the long line of iconic S.T. Dupont lighters. Seventy-five years after S.T. Dupont created the first luxury petrol lighter, which would forever be associated with the brand, this new “flame holder” bears all the hallmarks of a “Dupont”: the parallelepipedal shape, the perfect combination of the body shaped by the Faverges silversmiths, the unique lighting action and the instantly recognizable, crystal-clear ring of the lighter cap when it is opened.

Understated yet unquestionably elegant, compact and pleasant to hold, this new S.T. Dupont lighter embodies essential and sensual luxury, far from flashy yet crafted to the high quality standards of a French firm founded in 1872.

Material: White Bronze
Dimensions: 57.4 x 35.1 x 11.1 mm (2.3 x 1.4 x .4 in)

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