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ST Dupont From Paris With Love Lighter Kit - Limited Edition
S.T. Dupont From Paris With Love Smoking Kit features a Ligne 2 Lighter in an exclusive glass globe set on a black wood stand, featuring a Parisian skyline decor.

ST Dupont From Paris With Love Lighter Kit - Limited Edition

Ligne 2 limited edition lighter replicates Paris buildings designed in the Grand Haussman architecture style. Handmade in yellow gold with natural lacquer.
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Material: Yellow Gold

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ST Dupont From Paris With Love Smoking Kit with Ligne 2 Lighter
Limited Edition of 399

The Smoking Kit, limited to 399 numbered pieces, is presented in exclusive glass globes set on a black wood stand, each featuring Parisian skyline decor as well as a bench and a miniature gas lamp illuminated with an LED light.

The classic lines of the Ligne 2 lighter have been carefully crafted to evoke the noble dimensions of Haussmann facades with their warm cream-grey Paris limestone, decorative balconies and steeply pitched zinc rooftops set with circular dormer windows. The lighter replicates a central grand entrance that holds the D of S.T. Dupont, crafted in gold metal.

Handmade limited edition Line 2 lighter with Ceramium A.C.T, natural lacquer with "Pierre de Paris" effect, grey natural lacquer, and yellow gold finish. Engraved trigger. Transparent part with glitter dust and the "D". Glass globe and black wood stand, with 2 LED lights and metal building decor.

Line 2 Lighters - Details
Aesthetic perfection: majestic proportions respecting the golden number, an artistic and architectural reference. Sound perfection: sophistication of the unique crystalline sound on the opening, the cling that has made this lighter a world-famous original accessory.

- S. T. Dupont Lighters are very technical products ensuring maximum reliability.
- The production of a single lighter requires no less than 70 components, 600 operations and 300 quality control tests;
- Production time for a S.T. Dupont lighter is 4 to 5 months;
- The pyrophoric lighting system is the most reliable on the market - the spark is produced when the roller rubs against a flint. The quest for perfection is evident in the attention paid to details, with the goal of making each lighter unique;
- The sophistication of the "cling", the famous crystal clear sound made when the cap of certain lighters is opened; each lighter is tested by the discerning ear of a demanding craftsman appointed to perform this task;
- The craftsman's initials are engraved behind the roller;
- Each component is hand polished before assembly.

Material: Yellow Gold

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