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Replogle Wonder Globe - Moon

Model #48800 Wonder Globe (Moon)
Item Number: 252148800
Availability: Out of Stock
Category: 3262
Replogle Wonder Globe - (Moon)

Grasp the moon. The Wonder Globe Moon offers an exceptionally smooth rotation on 2 different axes. This little moon identifies lunar surface features such as craters, seas, rilles, valleys, and mountain ranges. You'll even be able to spot sites of manned and unmanned moon landings. Longitudinal lines clearly identify the area of the moon visible from Earth. Exceptional map details, along with the swivel, tilt, and spin motion of the Wonder Globe Moon, make this an instructive and fascinating globe for all ages. Its size makes it the perfect desktop addition

Diameter 4.3" (11cm)
Height: 5.75" (13.6cm)
Master Pack Weight: 7.8 lbs. (3.54 kg)

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