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Pineider 1949 Leather Belt with Round Buckle

Elegant mens leather belt in classic calfskin with round buckle
Item Number: 7780353
Availability: Out of Stock
Gender: Male
Category: 169
Color Pattern: Black,Brown,Green
Material: Leather/Chrome

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Pineider 1949 Men's Leather Belt with Round Buckle

Collection: Collezione 1949

Three Sizes
cm 90-105 (in 34.43 to 41.34)
cm 100-115 (in 39.37 to 45.28)
cm 100-125 (in 39.37 to 49.21)\

Material: Classic Calfskin

Resistance, elegance, lightness and functionality are the main features of this top quality calfskin collection, with exclusive chrome details. First choice materials crafted by the best artisans gave birth to these unique high class products. Over time collection 1949 became a classic of the Pineider range.

Colors: Black, Brown, Green, custom colors on request.

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