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Opalite Gemstone Globe W/ Rotating Clock (G80BS-OPL)

3" Diameter Opalite Globe W/ Rotating Antique Silver Table Clock
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3" Diameter Opalite Globe W/ Rotating Antique Silver Table Clock

Dimensions: 4"x4"x6"

Two fully rotating pieces, these Globes are masterpieces in Opalite. The Globe rotates around an axis of Silver suspended above an elegant thermometer and three silvered timepieces, each set to the world time of choice, and accurate to exacting tolerances.

The Gemstones: Each Globe is the product of artisans laboring several hundred hours-- and you thought the world was created in seven days. Each semiprecious gem depicts the country in which it was mined, with oceans finished in Lapis. Mounted on a silver plated stand, held in eternal rotation, this sphere of exquisite detail will be the defining piece for your desk, dresser, mantelpiece or room. For one who has everything or one who wants it all what better gift than the world.

Note: Each globe is individually handcrafted so minor imperfections are expected. Geography and the territorial sovereignty of nations are not guaranteed to be completely accurate. Each globe is a one of a kind; enjoy it as a work of art.

Gemstone globes and accessories are great gift ideas for gift occasion: anniversary, wedding, Christmas, retirement, executive, or graduation. They are wonderful as corporate gifts, home decor ideas or interior design ideas.

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