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Montegrappa Fortuna Crowned Skull Ballpoint Pen handmade in black satin finished resin.
Montegrappa Fortuna Crowned Skull Ballpoint Pen handmade in black satin finished resin.

Montegrappa Fortuna Crowned Skull Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint pen with in black satin resin decorated with polished skulls, crossbones, and roses.
Item Number: 71610301
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Category: 982
Color Pattern: Black
Material: Resin

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Montegrappa Fortuna Crowned Skull Ballpoint Pen
Rogues and Romantics

Offered exclusively in black resin, the fourth version of the Fortuna Skull is embellished with so many symbols that owners will be discovering the tiny details long after the pen has grown to be a familiar extension of one’s means of expression. The cap and body of the pen are satin-finished to obtain a stylish, velvety matte look, not only soothing to the eye but comfortable to the touch.

Its main design pattern is a prominent crowned skull on the cap, married to a body filled with romantic iconography, the roses and heart-shaped locks interspersed with the crossed bones associated with that most romantic of historical figures – the pirates that sailed the Seven Seas! These appear in glossy form, accentuating the matte background created by the satin surface of the resin.

Adding to the luxurious feel of the pen are two significant details. In the crown of the king and queen Skull, which is engraved on the pen’s cap, are hidden two tiny red crystals. The hint of red embodies passion, underlining the spirit of the medieval romantics who inspired the latest Fortuna Skull.

All trim is black ruthenium, while the cap top bears the Montegrappa 1912 monogram, representing the year of Montegrappa’s founding.

Material: resin
Trim: ruthenium plated
Packaging: standard
Length: 136 mm (5.4 in)
Diameter: 16.7 mm (.7 in)

Montegrappa knew that the skull motif on or Fortuna Skull pens was popular- but never expected it to create a cult! Demand has been so great that they have been encouraged to expand the family, with a new design adding an unexpected dimension to the lure of the Skull.

Following the original, first-edition rock-metal Fortuna Skull in black resin and ruthenium trim, then the mystical Mexican version for Dia de Muertos, and the third to arrive, the Merry Skull hipster re-style in natural copper or tarnished silver, comes the 4th generation of Fortuna Skull: the Fortuna Crowned Skull – for romantics!

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