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Montegrappa Apollo 11 Moon Landing Rollerball Pen - Silver - Limited Edition
Montegrappa Apollo 11 Limited Edition Silver Rollerball Pen inspired by Saturn V rocket to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing. Design approved by NASA.

Montegrappa Apollo 11 Moon Landing Rollerball Pen - Silver - Limited Edition

NASA approved rollerball pen in white resin and sterling silver trim commorates 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.
Item Number: 71611397
Availability: In Stock / Special Order
Category: 982
Color Pattern: White
Material: Resin/Steel

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Montegrappa Apollo 11 Moon Landing Rollerball Pen - White Resin - Sterling Silver Trim
Cult Series Limited Edition of 110


Inspired by the Apollo 11 mission that delivered astronauts to the lunar surface, in a licensed collaboration with NASA, Montegrappa has reproduced the iconic Saturn V rocket, interpreted as a writing instrument. To be offered as a fountain and a rollerball pen, the Moon Landing Collection made in white pearlized resin with sterling silver trim, adorned with enamel to reproduce a three-dimensional trompe-l’œil effect of the rocket body’s First, Second and Third “stages”.

Around the First Stage are the legend “USA” the American national flag, laser-cut and enamel-filled in exquisite detail. The pen cap is structured to represent the Second Stage and the Apollo command module, with the silver “lost-wax” signature clip, cast in the form of the stairway structure supporting the rocket. Completing the realization of a Saturn V in miniature, the blind cap is reproduced with the exhaust nozzles of the engines of the space-craft, detailed with red enamel.

Montegrappa has issued 110 rollerball pens in resin and Sterling Silver, the number denoting Saturn V’s height in meters when standing vertically.

The Moon Landing Collection arrives in an enclosure in the form of an Apollo 11 capsule.

Material: sterling silver 925, resin
Trim: sterling silver 925
Packaging: special
Length: 140 mm (5.5 in)

In 1969 Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins captivated the world. Supported by a cast of thousands, their supreme achievement continues to set the bar for how big boyhood dreams can be. Developed in close coordination with NASA, a marvel of engineering in miniature transforms the act of writing. Allow your ideas to go where no-one has gone before. The Eagle has landed!

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