1. Limoges Originals Dessert Plates - (Rose Vases)

Limoges Originals Dessert Plates - (Rose Vases)

Assorted Dessert Plates Hand Decorated On Fine Limoges Porcelain (Set of 4)
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For many years, Limoges has been chosen as the "gift of love"? and some of the most popular gifts have been the small delicate Limoges boxes, fine tableware and hand crafted dessert plates. These dessert plates are handcrafted using traditional methods from the 18th century. Each plate is hand-made and requires many skilled processes to complete a single plate. The beautiful results from this skilled craftsmanship and the attention to detail are "Les Cadeux D'amour"?. Each piece is created using the same tools, techniques and skills first employed during the 18th century, providing you with a most unique gift.

Limoges porcelain production was begun in 1768. Since then, Limoges has been famous for the enameled artworks that are produced there. The abundant forests in the region provided the wood for the porcelain firing kilns and the Vienne River supplied plentiful water and transportation. These key factors, plus the availability of many skilled local artisans, attracted designers and entrepreneurs from around the world and marked the beginning of the true Limoges porcelain. Decorated by hand in Italy on 100% Limoges porcelain plates, they have been produced using the same techniques employed in Limoges since the 18th century. These authentic Limoges porcelain plates are truly collectible.

Made in Italy on French Limoges Porcelain

Not for microwave use. Hand washing recommended.

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