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Indians vs. Cowboys Gold and Silver Themed Chess Set
Completely handmade in gold and silver plated solid bronze.

Indians vs. Cowboys Gold and Silver Themed Chess Set

Indians and Cowboys historical themed chess set handmade in 24k gold and silver finished solid bronze. Teepee chessboard.
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Gold and Silver Decorative Luxury Chess Set
Historical & Artistic Themed Chess Set Collection

Unique, certified and numbered Chess Set made in bronze with the ancient technique of lost wax casting, finished with 24 carat gold. Every single piece is signed by the sculptor. Chessboard made of Onyx and Tuscan marble finished with a frame in bronze and pure gold. This is a luxurious handcrafted limited production Indians vs. Cowboys themed chess set with solid bronze chess pieces finished in 24kt gold and silver. Each of these exquisite 24kt gold and silver finished chess sets is completely handmade by master artisans.

This is one of two Native American and Cowboy Chess Sets. This set features a the chessboard with teepees for the four support corners.

Indians Chess Pieces: King ht: 7.4cm (2.91 in), Base: 2.1cm (.83in)
Cowboys Chess Pieces: King: 7cm (2.76 in), Base: 2.2cm (.87in)
Indians Chess Board: 35 x 35 x6 cm 13.80 x 13.80 x 2.36 in)
Squares: 3.7 x 3.7 cm (1.46 x 1.46 in)
Optional: Chess set storage case

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