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Inclined Crystal Chess Set - Limited Edition
Inclined Crystal Chess Set - Limited Edition of 50. Black side is distinguished by the matte top.

Inclined Crystal Chess Set - Limited Edition

Handmade limited edition crystal chess set with slanted pieces on a quadratic base.
Item Number: 30100006
Availability: In Stock / Special Order
Category: 1246
Color Pattern: Crystal

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Inclined Crystal Chess Set
Limited Edition of 50

The designer Eva Starkovi, designer of the famous Refraction chess set, has created another chess masterpiece - the Inclined chess set.

All pieces of the Inclined Crystal Chess Set have a quadratic base and slanted front side. This shape breathes life into the crystal which reflects lightin various ways and creates extraordinary views from all sides.

The Inclined Crystal Chess pieces are decorated with various hand carved cuts, executed by master cutter Jiri Neuzil. The black side is very clearly differentiated by matte tops.

This wonderful chess set is produced in a limited series of 50 signed pieces.

King size: 4 cm (1.6")

Inclined Chess Set Pieces

The King is marked by his crown, sided by the Queen with her long wavy hair.
Dimensions: 4×3 cm (1.6"×1.2")

The Bishop is always sure about his target, the Knight lifts his sword to protect his master and the Rook is standing silent guard.
Dimensions: 3×3 cm (1.2"×1.2")

The Pawn
Dimensions: 2×2 cm (0.8"×0.8")

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