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Hornback Alligator Belt
Hornback Alligator belts in Black, Brown and Cognac. Head Pattern on top and bottom. Diamond pattern in brown, in the center.

Hornback Alligator Belt

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Custom Hornback Alligator Belt
Made to Order

Custom Hornback Alligator belts are the best; beautiful and unrivaled in quality.  They are one the finest luxurious expensive gift ideas for him, the well-dressed man.  These bespoken belts even find their way as a luxury gift for her.

Hornback Alligator Belts have distinctively defined scale patterns. Each belt is as unique as its signature scale pattern.  It takes the hands of our skilled belt artisans, as they individually construct each belt, to reveal the deep beauty of Genuine Louisiana Alligator backs and tails.

Hornback Alligator belts utilize the "head" or "tail" scale patterns of the alligator.  Our belt makers handcraft these luxurious belts for each person, and, unlike any other belt, they uniquely handcraft them from the center out.

The Diamond Hornback acquires its name from diamond pattern formed in the center of the belt.  To realize this pattern, the belt makers design and construct the each belt from the center of the belt out to its ends. The construction involves combining two alligator tails and marrying the prominent scale pattern in the center of the belt to form a long diamond pattern.  The idea is to center the diamond across the wearers back; the wider the belt the longer diamond.  The ends of the belt are comprised of other parts of the tail.

The Head, or body pattern, is the dominant Hornback Alligator belt.  Most Hornback Alligator belts use this scale pattern.  This style of Hornback Alligator Belt uses the prominent horns from the head of the alligator as the key design feature.  Working from the center each belt to the ends, strips from the alligator body complete the belt.

Hornback belts unique patterns are the finest singular examples of Hornback created.  The selection and purchase of a tail pattern Hornback shows that the wearer is the most discerning of dressers, since only 20% of the Hornback belts can be made with the distinctive Pianki "Diamond" pattern.

Colors: Black, Brown, and Cognac. Custom colors available upon request.

- 1 3/8" and 1 1/4" belt is best choice for non sterling silver buckles.
- 1 1/4' straight belt is popular dress belt choice
- 1 1/2" belt is an excellent choice for sterling silver buckles.
- 1 1/2" tapered to 1" for the widest selection of sterling silver buckles.

Normal manufacturing time is between 5 to 15 days.  This can be longer or shorter depending on the degree of customization and the current order log.  Contact us for your specific delivery needs.
Customization prices are estimates and are usually accurate.  However, the actual details may cause prices to vary.  Contact us to request a quote.
We offer complete custom belt manufacturing.  Please contact us for a quote if you do not see the skin, belt type, or options you desire.

In the eclectic world of fashion today, a person's belt, more than any other accessory, demonstrates that the wearer cares to define him or herself as a person of total and complete taste.  Exquisite (and expensive) belts are the necessary, ultimate fashion accessory in the wardrobe of the best-dressed men and women.  The finest hand crafted belt simply says to all, "I care enough to be the best".

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