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Geochron Boardroom Edition with Black Oak Real Wood Veneer Panel. Premium Geopolitcal Mapset.
Geochron Boardroom Edition with Black Oak Real Wood Veneer Panel. Premium Geopolitcal Mapset.

Geochron Boardroom World Clock - Black Oak Wood

Boardroom Edition world clock map with Black Oak real wood veneer panel. Displays time, day, date and duration of daylight and darkness everywhere in the world. Handmade mechanical map.
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Geochron Boardroom Edition - Real Black Oak Wood Veneer - World Time Zone Clock - Handmade Mechanical Map

The functionality of the Boardroom model is similar to the Original, but with every option included. Design and details make this our finest global indicator clock in regular production. It is a bit larger in size (36" x 24" x 5") and looks best if "flush mounted" into the wall. Flush Mounting Brackets are included as well as the Sunlit LED Analemma and Dimmable LED with Remote Control.

This model can be customized to match the wood decor of your home or office (wood species, stain and lacquer details required). The front panel is a Black Oak veneer, but unlike the Original Kilburg model, the Boardroom model has a customized molding design rather than a flat edge. This adds to the overall size of the model (widening it by approximately two inches in width and two inches in height) and presents a much more artistic style.

The wood panels are made in a cabinetry shop in the forest woods outside Portland, Oregon. Finished to show the depth and color variants within the wood, each panel is inspected by every clock maker at Geochron in carefully building the world clock. The construction of the gear driven mechanical global indicator clock is identical to every other Geochron. Wood panel clocks are handmade with the same features and include all options too:
  • Minute Dial and Calendar indicator
  • Geopolitical, Topographical, and Mixed Mapsets
  • LED Lighting
  • Dimmable LEDs with remote control (optional)
  • Sun Lit Analemma (optional)
  • Brackets for installations recessed in a wall (optional)
Premium Mapset included:A more brilliant and detailed premium map, showing the mountains of the deep ocean and more.

Multiple Time Zone World Clock Map: A visual feast of terrestrial movement.

The fully mechanical Geochron shows in real time:
  • Legal time zones in 12 or 24 hour formats
  • Greenwich Mean time
  • Local Apparent time
  • Moment of sunrise
  • Moment of sunset
  • Duration of daylight
  • Sun’s meridian passage
  • Sun’s equation of time (Analemma)
  • Degrees of latitude and longitude
  • Month, Day, Hour and Second in every time zone
It’s also a stunning display of the Earth in real-time on your wall…

At 2x3 ft. in size, the three hundred moving parts in the Geochron display global time and the sun’s daylight pattern on Earth in real-time as it continually rises and sets on a high quality lithographic map that is driven from left to right by mechanical servos in sync with the rotation of the earth. Like the Earth, the sun never sets on the Geochron.

At the same time, the Sun’s Terminator Line mechanically morphs minute by minute, showing the seasons passing through the Northern and Southern hemispheres at exactly the same aspect as the earth’s 23.4 degree axial tilt.

Geochron Map Set Information

Standard – Geopolitical
The only map option before 2016, and a simply blue ocean.

Standard – Topographical
A legacy map that also includes ocean topography.

Every third day, the topographical map shows instead of the geopolitical.

Ham Radio
A specialty print with DX zones, and International Prefixes.

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