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Ferrari da Varese Four Seasons Fountain Pen Set - Limited Edition

4 Fountain pens in silver 980, engraved with floral decoration, bright 4 season enamel colours, 18ct gold nib
Item Number: 71200033
Availability: In Stock / Special Order
Category: 982
Color Pattern: Silver/Green,Silver/Red,Silver/Brown,Silver/Grey
Material: Sterling Silver/Enamel

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Four Seasons Limited Edition Fountain Pen Sets by Ferrari da Varese

Ferrari da Varese Four Seasons (Varese Quattro Stagioni in Italian) is a sensational limited edition, created in just 33 exemplars to celebrate the shades and changing colors of the time passing by: Green for the innocent spring, red for the sensual summer, brown for the cool autumn and grey for the cozy intimate winter.

Enamel masters bring colors to an unmatched level of pureness working in almost pure silver, silver 980, which render the masterpiece more fluid and shiny, and enamel more vivid. The engravings are neat, complicated, but natural, creating a sensuous feeling of refined luxury.

A state of the art pump filling system that ends in an 18ct gold nib provides the ink feeding mechanism. The 18-carat gold nib is available in three writing sizes.

The Four Seasons Limited Edition Fountain Pen Set is limited to 33 pieces worldwide.
Packaging: Leather gift box for writing instruments and jewelry and it includes a set of two, crystal ink bottles with caps in sterling silver.

Uniqueness is not an empty word at Ferrari da Varese. Not a single limited edition pen will look like the other, and the quantities produced are always "confidential". To design and realize a great pen takes time: no more than one model every two years can reach the market. The rarest materials, the finest crafts are used in the production these writing pen jewels. They are jewels and pens, or jewels before being pens; exclusive, astonishing. Pianki is where you can always buy expensive luxury pens, exclusive Italian luxury gifts.

For those who seek the world's finest and most luxurious, Ferrari da Varese creates extravagant luxury gifts in the form of fine writing jewels and superb accessories. Buy Ferrari da Varese luxury pens for expensive romantic gifts and executive business gifts: Exclusive, Exquisite, and Expensive.

Pianki is excited to offer the Ferrari da Varese Four Seasons Limited Edition Fountain Pen sets as one of our luxuriously expensive gift ideas. Pianki is where you can always buy world-class luxury gifts and exclusive gift ideas.

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