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Ferrari da Varese Konya Horn Instrument Pen Desk Set - Sterling Silver

5 piece luxury pen and instruments desk set, natural horn and sterling silver
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Ferrari da Varese Konya Horn Instrument Pen Desk Set - Sterling Silver
A complete set of 5 handmade luxury pen and desk instruments

Imagine luxury pens and expensive desk instruments hand-made one-by-one, from natural horn from Africa in combination with sterling silver or even gold. All Konya pen desk sets, fine writing instruments, and luxury pens are hand assembled to match each other.  They are fashioned from the same horn-piece: the natural pattern of the material will repeat itself on each single piece from the instrument, offering smooth continuity to the eyes.

The Konya series, in sterling silver and natural horn, consists of the following:

Letter Opener
Mechanical Pencil
Ballpoint Pen
Rollerball Pen
Fountain Pen with an 18ct gold nib
Holder stamp
Magnifying Glass

Also available is a 5-piece set in leather box consisting of the ballpoint pen, fountain pen, letter opener, magnifying glass, and holder stamp. Made of natural horn and massive sterling silver, this sterling silver version from Konya would satisfy any lover of handmade precious crafts or unique objects.

Each of these desk instruments will elegantly embellish your desk; and the intelligence in their features (i.e. the holder / stamp combination) makes them valuable and useful instruments. Konya enhances the enjoyment of special and romantic letters.

The Konya Sterling Silver and Natural Horn Pen and Desk Instrument Set represent one of the definitive horn-instrument offers in the Ferrari da Varese collection. Romantic fine writing instruments, luxury desk sets, and luxury desks sets, realized with taste and with great artisans care, are an offer to the exceptional few with a taste for the luxuriously unique.

Buy exclusive Konya Sterling Silver desk instruments in a marvelous leather-box 5-piece set or buy each piece individually. For those who seek the extravagant and the luxurious, Ferrari da Varese creates expensive luxury gifts in the form of fine writing jewels and superb desk accessories.  Buy Ferrari da Varese luxury writing pen desk sets and instruments to fulfill the desire for the finest in expensive romantic gifts and executive business gifts: Exclusive, Exquisite, and Exclusive.

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