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Ferrari da Varese Europa Gold Fountain Pen - Limited Edition
Ferrari da Varese Europa Fountain Pen with 18ct gold cap.

Ferrari da Varese Europa Gold Fountain Pen - Limited Edition

Fountain pen depicts nymph Europa and Roman God Jupiter engraved on 18ct gold cap. Black natural horn body. 18 ct two-tone gold nib.
Item Number: 71200031
Availability: In Stock / Special Order
Category: 982
Color Pattern: Gold/Black

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Europa Gold Limited Edition Gold Fountain Pen by Ferrari da Varese

Europa was the first nymph to seduce Jupiter, the Roman God. To conquer her, he's taking the appearance of a bull and transport her to the continent which would carry her name.

On the sterling silver or 18ct gold cap, the legend is nicely engraved and pictured by a master engraver. The clip is a remembering of Jupiter appearance, featuring the bull's tail. The ink-pump fountain pen corpse is made of black natural horn; a further tribute to the bullish Jupiter.

The massive double gold 18ct nib has been specially designed for that pen and is available in 3 writing sizes.

Availability: With 18ct gold cap, the Europa Gold fountain pen is a limited edition of 10 pieces worldwide.

The Europa Gold Limited Edition Fountain Pen is another fine luxury gift in the way of Ferrari da Varese: Exclusive, Exquisite, Romantic Luxury.

Pianki is excited to offer the Ferrari da Varese Europa Gold Limited Edition Fountain Pen as one of our luxuriously expensive gift ideas. Pianki is where you can always aquire world class luxury gifts and exclusive gift ideas.

Uniqueness: No empty word at Ferrari da Varese. Not a single limited edition pen will look like the other, and the quantities produced are always "confidential". To design and realize a great pen takes time: no more than one model every two years can reach the market. The rarest materials, the finest crafts will be used to produce those writing pen jewels.

They are jewels and pens, or jewels before being pens; exclusive, astonishing.

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