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Diamond Cut Mother of Pearl Gemstone Globe (GBH1000G-MOPTC)

40" Diameter Triangle Cut MOP-- 4 Leg 24kt Gold-Plated Highstand, W/ Compass, Mother Of Pearl Ocean
Item Number: 254842490
Availability: Waiting List
Category: 3262
Color Pattern: Mother-of-Pearl / Gold
40" Diameter Diamond Cut MOP-- 4 Leg 24kt Gold-Plated Highstand with Compass, Mother Of Pearl Ocean

The Diamond Cut 40" Mother of Pearl gemstone globe is the most exquisite amongst our gemstone floor globes.  The ocean is handcrafted in mother-of-pearl with each piece cut in triangle or diamond to give this globe its marvelous appeal.  As always each gemstone globe is unique because it is handcrafted and semi-precious gemstones are different in each globe.

Special Order: Custom manufactured with 90 day delivery
Choice of color available by request
Each gemstone globe is unique
Diameter: 40" inch gemstone globe
Dimensions: 54"x54"x64"

The 40 inch gemstone globes are the most spectacular gemstone world globes available, the largest we currently offer. These ae excellent showpieces for a grand room or corporate setting. They are rare because of their size, their weight and the time it takes to produce them. Only a few are available without a special order. If you prefer a color not shown we can have it custom made with an approximate 90 day delivery worldwide.  Please contact us for availability and delivery time. We suggest you order early.
The 40" gemstone globe is one of our most exquisite expensive luxury gifts.

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