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Ferrari da Varese Cigno Polished Sterling Silver Pens
Ferrari da Varese Cigno Pens are handmade in solid Polished Sterling Silver.

Ferrari da Varese Cigno Polished Sterling Silver Pens

Polished solid sterling silver pens and pencil with ring, 18ct gold nib on fountain pen
Item Number: 71200089
Availability: In Stock / Special Order
Category: 982
Color Pattern: Silver
Material: Sterling Silver

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Cigno Polished Sterling Silver Pens by Ferrari da Varese

The Cigno Polished Sterling Silver Pen is an extravagant, modern and gracious pen with waving shape and concentric circles for a better grip and tremendous design. It also features an atypical cap: the cap-end shape is half-conic, half triangle and realized on a 5-axis CNC-ultra modern press- machine.

Cigno ("swan" in Italian, because of the reminiscent graciousness from that bird) is definitely the best combination of modern techniques and traditional sterling silver artisanship.

Cigno Polished Sterling Silver Pens are part of the Ferrari da Varese Exceptional Pen Collection, which artfully pays homage to over 5000 years of writing history.

Available in four writing pens styles: Rollerball, Ballpoint, Pencil and Fountain pen with 18ct gold nib.

For those of the finest tastes, Ferrari da Varese creates expensive luxury gifts in the form of fine writing jewels and accessories. Buy Ferrari da Varese luxury pens for world class romantic gifts and executive business gifts: Exclusive, Exquisite, and Expensive.

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