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Caribbean Blue Gemstone Globe on 3 Leg Antique Silver Desk Stand

Caribbean Blue Gemstone Globe on 3 Leg Antique Silver Desk Stand

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4''- 3 Leg Table Stand
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Caribbean Blue Gemstone Globe Antique Silver 3 leg Desk/Table Stand


An exquisite gemstone globe is the perfect luxury decorative accent for your desk, home, or office.  Highly skilled artisans, using a variety of semi precious stones individually hand carved to represent each country, hand craft each gemstone globe one by one.  It takes hundreds of hours to produce just a single globe. They fashion the oceans in crushed oyster shell before adding lines of latitude and longitude. 


The globes are available in four different sizes with this style of stand.  Gemstone globes with 6" diameter or larger feature more than 25 gemstones. The globe rests on an elegant antique silver-plated 3-leg table stand. These exquisite handcrafted gemstone globes add an air of worldliness to any home or office.




Globe Diameter







9.5"x9.5"x 10.75"








Fifty State gemstone globes:  The USA in the model number indicates that the gemstone globe has each of the 50 States represented by a separate semi-precious gemstone (USA Divided). The 50 state globes are available in a 13" or larger diameter.

Caribbean Blue Gemstone Globe is one of the Opalite colors with the oceans made from crushed oyster shell. The Opalite colors are newer and have a luminescence where as the Classic colors are opaque.


Care Instructions: Use a cloth with a small amount of rubbing alcohol to shine and remove fingerprints. Do not use the rubbing alcohol on metal parts- it is too harsh. On the metal stand and arch, use a soft cotton cloth with a very small amount of hand lotion to remove fingerprints. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe away the lotion and shine.


Gemstone globes and accessories are great luxury gift ideas for any gift occasion: anniversary, wedding, Christmas, retirement, executive, or graduation. They are wonderful as corporate gifts, home decor ideas or interior design ideas.

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