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Caran d'Ache Caelograph Zenith Fountain Pen - Rose Gold - Limited Edition
The limited edition Caran d'Ache Caelograph Zenith Fountain Pen features blue chinese lacquer, pink gold, and 24 diamonds.

Caran d'Ache Caelograph Zenith Fountain Pen - Rose Gold - Limited Edition

Handmade limited edition of 1 luxury fountain pens per latitude in blue chinese lacquer,18k,pink gold and 24 diamonds.
Item Number: 71301732
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Caran d'Ache Caelograph Zenith Fountain Pen - Rose Gold Edition
Limited Edition 52 By Latitude: 45 ° N / 30 ° N / 20 ° N / 30 ° S / 20 ° S / 0 °

In its long tradition of innovation, Caran d'Ache has developed another exceptional writing instrument that demonstrates great creativity and expertise. Like inventors always searching for new solutions, the craftsmen at Caran d'Ache have worked closely with an astronomer to produce this unique instrument that explores the sky and the stars.

The Zenith limited edition of this exceptional pen, is a blend of art and science in the long and distinguished tradition of instruments that chart the sky. Each edition is available on three northern latitudes 450N (ex: Geneva), 300N (ex: Shanghai), 200N (ex. Hong Kong).

Zenith, the part of the sky that is directly above the observer also refers to an imaginary culminating point, the highest degree of knowledge. Solid rose gold, decorated with 22 diamonds symbolizing the 22 brightest stars in the sky. A single piece for each latitude.

Caran d’Ache proposes three latitudes (20°N, 30°N and 45°N) and offers the personalization of the pen by engraving it with the geographical coordinates of any chosen location. The unique Zenith piece is in solid pink gold, with 22 diamonds set on the body and a single diamond on the clip and piston pump.

18K GOLD NIB: 18-carat solid pink gold. Fine engraving of the compass rose that is mounted on the tip of the pen. M, F or B width available on request. The writing block is engraved with the hour lines typically found on sundials.

RINGS: One ring carries the Caran d’Ache logo, Swiss Made and the individual number. A fixed ring is engraved with the months and days, and a mobile ring is engraved with the hours of the day.

CAP: In midnight blue Chinese lacquer impregnated with particles of aluminum, and engraved with the hour lines associated with sundials.

CLIP: In the form of a compass needle.

BODY: 51 constellations and 353 stars are delicately engraved on midnight blue Chinese lacquer impregnated with particles of aluminum. A semi-transparent sleeve is superimposed on the sky chart indicating the horizon line, the other compass points, the Zenith and the latitude. Polished to highlight the brilliance of the midnight blue lacquer. A compass rose is mounted on the tip.

INK SYSTEM: Fountain pen: Piston pump or cartridges.

PISTON PUMP: Set with a diamond (Ø1.10 mm) for the Zenith edition.

INKWELL: Your Caelograph Limited Edition fountain pen is accompanied by a personalized ink bottle, with a stopper produced in the same finish as your writing instrument. Filled with "Blue Night" ink to deliver you with the best possible color intensity, it adds a deep, refined touch to the most beautiful pages.

PACKAGING: To match this outstanding technical achievement, the Caelograph provides a case enhanced by midnight blue Chinese lacquer, applied according to the strict rules of the art, capable of showing the sky. This decorative technique, which was developed in China more than 3000 years ago and handed down over the generations, requires great dexterity.

PRECIOUS STONES: 24 diamonds totaling 0.15 carats (Ø 1.10 mm) in the Zenith edition. Ethical diamonds of controlled origin and uninvolved in the financing of armed conflict, in conformity with UN resolutions. Pen accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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