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Bugatti Type A Limited Edition Pens by Ferrari da Varese

Limited edition of 499 each of fountain pens and rollerball pens
Item Number: 71200034
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Category: 982
Color Pattern: Silver/Red
Material: Sterling Silver/Ruby

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Ferrari da Varese Bugatti Type A Limited Edition Pens

Bugatti Type A, designed by Luigi Trenti, is an evocative limited edition, which recalls the classical lines of the Bugatti style, its never ending sinuous lines. A project which lasted two years, from the visualization of the model to the definition of the production's details, to the technical solutions, to the extreme engineering of the shapes.

The cap, curved, follows the classical radius, which is manifest or hidden in many details of the Bugatti eternal style, while the clip, set in a game of playing surfaces, redesigns the car's handle. A calibrated and oval ruby stone on the back of the cap becomes the sealing wax of the Bugatti Ferrari da Varese pen.

The complex barrel design is obtained by the ideal crossing of curved spines, and the lateral polished surfaces sink in the pen's body like hypothetical air intakes following the body of the Veyron.  In addition, the fin in relief on the barrel is taken from the car's line that runs all over it.

The thin fin on the barrel, an engineering virtuosity realized by removing the exceeding material, which is a very difficult task to program when combined with the continuous variation of the shape of the barrel where it is inserted.

The main material used is aluminum, a technical metal that gives us lightness and durability; the selected alloy is perfectly chosen to enable the smoothest work on the C/C machines. All parts are treated before being plated: most of them are hand brushed while the others are hand polished, to create that slight elegant contrast of different light reflections. The plating technique is a very advanced one, involving four different materials and creating four subsequent layers: first nickel, and then three precious metals being sterling silver, palladium and platinum. This way we ensure perfect durability and avoid oxidation.

The sapphire glasses are milled with the same caution and precision used in high-end watch making in order to obtain a calibrated and invariable housing, and they are tested against temperature variations, which could modify their assets.

To ensure the perfect closure of the cap, and a precise line-up of the different parts, an unusual and advanced bayonet system has been created, made possible by using a stainless steel micro-sphere. It is inserted in the cap within an elastic ring system that allows its breathing while the ball runs along the mill-made groove on the steel nib grip up to the point where it secures the cap with a soft click.

Absolute precision is guaranteed by the use of multi axes machines to shape the smallest details of this complicated though smooth pen. A second bayonet closure with a micro-sphere, again innovative, in the high end writing instruments world, is set in the body of the pen to block the nib grip and secure the converter.

The "writing engine", the feeder and the nib, is qualitatively superior. In particular, the nib is rhodium coated 18kt gold, and it is equipped with an iridium tip that guarantees smooth writing.

Notice the fine milling of the Bugatti logo at the end of the barrel, excellent miniaturized technical proof, hand lacquered in black to make the brand even more outstanding

A superb manual and technical craftsmanship, both hand crafted and artistic: this is the spirit of co-operation between Bugatti and Ferrari da Varese; the mating of two different worlds which have in common the passion for the new, the research, the attention and love for the beauty, guided by a long tradition of excellence manufacturing.

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