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Brian Luxury Eyewear Frame by David Eden

24 Black Diamonds on a Gold luxury eyewear frame
Item Number: 80011105
Availability: Out of Stock
Category: 524
Color Pattern: Black Diamonds / Gold
David Eden Brian Luxury Eyewear Frame
Jewel Collection

Our Frames are Monel with 22ct gold plating 3M gold and on the silver 3M palladium. We only use the highest quality diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds available in the market. ...We know. We are excited too...

Metal: Gold
Lens Color: Grey
Jewel Count: 24 Black Diamonds

David Eden is the creator of an innovative line of accessories that revolutionized fashion.

From unique leather footwear to luxurious eyewear collections, his design philosophies are exotic yet elegant.

The David Eden Eyewear line is manufactured in the top factories in Europe and worn by celebrities in the entertainment and sports industries around the world.

Each frame is individually assembled using state of the art technology.

From exotic leathers to precious stones and diamonds, each David Eden frame represents a timeless piece of optical elegance.

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