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Aznom Carbon Black Widow Table

Luxury table in carbon fiber, ergal and glass.
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Aznom Carbon Black Widow Table
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The Aznom Carbon Black Widow Table takes inspiration from high speed. It is produced with the technology and the materials typical of racing cars; its design is sharp and dynamic. This luxury design table can be personalized as required with color and the metallic finish.

Article: Design Table
Dimensions: mm 2200 x 1000 x 750 h (in 86.6 x 39.4 x 29.5 h)
Material: Aluminum, Carbon, Crystal

A central carbon beam supports the aluminium cast legs. The result is a table which matches an innovative design with strong engineering techniques. Aluminum and carbon are mixed together to create a complex architecture, a modern chassis that evokes racing cars and which is visible looking through the table-top, thanks to the glass surface that exalts the architecture of the table.

The Aznom Black Widow Table came from working a block of Ergal which was over 200kg. The central carbon tube can be defined as the "backbone" of Black Widow. This component, obtained from diverse stratified sheets of carbon until a width of 8mm is reached with the same technology utilized to construct Yacht masts to give an elevated weight resistance level.

At the bottom of the pipe there are two aluminum joints, which is the fruit of some complex engineering research, which connects the carbon beam to the legs in order to evenly distribute the load on the whole structure. The top of the legs, which are screwed to the joint, it is like a race car chassis where some 6 mm aluminum carbon reinforced layers are fasten in order to add mechanical strength. The bottoms of the legs are characterized by an adjustable aluminum foot. The adjustment can be made with a hexagonal key that you can find in the assembly kit.

Should the Client wish to customize their Black Widow you can choose among a large variety of colors, created to satisfy our clients tastes and requests. The carbon parts are metallic or matte painted. The Client can even choose the finish of the aluminum elements.

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