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Decorative World Globes and Maps

Luxurious world globes, world maps, and global map time clocks are available in a wide range of designs.
World Globes
World Globes
Educational globes and decorative luxury world globes from the finest manufacturers of precise and beautiful spheres.
Geochron Global Clocks
Geochron Global Clocks
The only instrument of its kind to simultaneously show time and display the extent of daylight and darkness throughout the world.

Luxury World Globes and Maps

We offer world globes, world maps, and global map time clocks (global time indicators) from timeless and renowned brands. Our world globes decorate and enhance the finest offices and homes around the world and are superb decor items for the home and office.

Libraries, schools, and institutes of learning, from elementary classrooms to universities and colleges around the world put our world maps and globes to practical use while enhancing the decor of their environs. Select a fine world globe or world map from a wide range of sizes and models.