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Carbon Fiber Luxury Goods and Design Products

PURISME is the new global luxury brand of carbon fiber luxury gifts. Purisme transplants the hi-tech carbon magic into everyday life: PURISME Carbon Luxuries are design products made of deeply iridescent carbon fiber that are light as a feather, stronger than steel, yet so beautiful that one could spend hours in admiration.

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Purisme Carbon Fiber Pipe - Limited Edition
Purisme Carbon Fiber Pipe - Limited Edition
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Purisme Carbon Credit and Business Card Case
Purisme Carbon Credit and Business Card Case
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PURISME: The Dark Force of Seduction

Pure. Powerful. Distinctive. Dynamic. Polarizing. Emotional. Seductive. And made of hi-tech material carbon: Meet PURISME, the new global luxury brand.

The shaping force behind PURISME is a lively pioneering spirit with an unbending determination to break all limits: With groundbreaking design that seeks to seduce and creates craving. With distinctive sculptural concepts, created in a process of permanent evolution and shaped in hi-tech carbon material.

But hi-tech does not stop at the surface of PURISME products: Each is fitted with PURISME's unique digital 'engraving': An especially developed RFID-TAG that encodes, identifies and personalizes each single item, giving the industrial product a soul, a history, and a lot of additional emotional value.

PURISME combines traditional craftsmanship with latest serial production technology. Each single product undergoes meticulous controls during production and an additional final inspection by the designer who signs his approval on the quality certificate without which no PURISME product can go on sale.

The PURISME Brand and the Black Diamond
Beauty that produces a sparkle in the eye of the beholder:
Design is the art of seduction in its most elegant shape.
This more than ever now that design has discovered a most exciting new material - carbon fiber.
Like any priceless diamond, carbon fiber is chemically pure carbon.

And like any priceless diamond, carbon fiber radiates a magnetic fascination: The single fiber is six times thinner than a hair, and whatever is made out of it, is light as a feather and stronger than steel.

Carbon fiber works magic wherever man and machine venture beyond established performance limits: Resisting breathtaking g-forces in air race planes. Saving lives in monocoques that survive the most spectacular race car crashes. Taking brutal stress loads on high performance sailing yachts competing in the America's Cup.