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  • Pasotti Umbrellas Pasotti Umbrellas
    Flamboyant and elegant luxury umbrellas for men and women. A variety of Pasotti umbrellas with different colors, shapes, and designs.
  • Pasotti Walking Canes Pasotti Walking Canes
    Luxury walking canes with silver, and gold plating, wood and semi-precious materials. A variety of Pasotti canes with different wood and brass handles.
  • Pasotti Shoehorns Pasotti Shoehorns
    Extra Long luxury shoehorns with handles silver and gold plated with semi precious materials. A variety of Pasotti shoehorns with different wood and metal handles.
  • Pasotti Bijoux Jewelry Pasotti Bijoux Jewelry
    A unique handmade colorful enameled brass bracelets and necklaces beautifully designed in very limited numbers.
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