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Omas Pens

Omas fountain pens and writing instruments are, first and foremost, creative tools, a means of expression. The design and creation of these tools requires a deep understanding of emotion and a passion for beautiful objects. This is the spirit with which Omas pens have been manufactured since 1925 and acts as a seal of guarantee.

Omas Limited Edition Pens
Omas Limited Edition Pens
Exclusive luxury fountain pens and fine writing instruments crafted in Italy.
Omas Pen Accessories
Omas Pen Accessories
Fountain pen inks, and cartridges. Refills for Omas rollerballs and ballpoints.

Omas Italian Luxury Fountain Pens and Writing Instruments

Omas pens, now owned by Louis Vuitton, have always been distinguished by their essential, elegant and timeless design and, as such, are synonymous with creative excellence in the fountain pen sector and Italian style in general. The prestigious Omas fountain pens and fine writing jewels perfectly combine aesthetic aspects with extreme ease of use thanks to the blend of sophisticated image and writing pleasure.

Omas Pens: Handcrafted since 1925

Even when latest generation technology is used, such as during the processing of titanium, a human touch is still required. The numerous delicate operations involved in the production process mean that all Omas pens are handmade. More than 100 stages are required for each design, from initial cutting of the 18 carat gold leaf to rolling, blanking and bending to give the nib maximum elasticity. A total of seven operations are needed to create the ebonite and vulcanized rubber conduit used to regulate the flow of ink.

The 12 sides on the celluloid models are shaped individually and then polished by hand using cork, a technique requiring two years of training. The solution adopted by Omas during each manufacturing stage is always one where the highest quality is paramount. Approximately 100 working days are required to produce a celluloid pen. Each individual Omas pen is the result of attention to the tiniest detail. Specifically the clip on each model is unique. The highly specialized workforce needed means that each pen is a goldsmith's masterpiece.

For this reason, special edition Omas pens, designed to celebrate exclusive events in conjunction with famous international partners, and Omas fountain pens, in limited editions, are aimed at fountain pen enthusiasts, and are highly appreciated. These exclusive, Omas limited edition pens and numbered models commemorate significant historical and cultural events and are highly prized thanks to the elegance of their design.

Omas Fountain Pens

Omas fountain pens are renowned for their beauty and creative design. Omas fountain pens are some of the most highly sought fine writing instruments by collectors and lovers of fine writing. Handmade in expensive and precious materials, and crafted by hand using the most meticulous methods, the owners of Omas fountain pens are value them as fine elegant works of art.