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Geochron World Clocks

Luxury Custom Built Global Time Indicators

When you own a Geochron world clock, you'll have much more than a timepiece. You are in possession of a custom built, totally handcrafted, yet functional piece of art; something that generates not only conversation, but inspiration. Experience the fascination of watching as the seasons automatically change and the sun gradually shifts in its zenith position and then follows its natural path (the analemma). This gradual change causes the light pattern to slowly change to reflect the longer and shorter days here on earth. In addition to precision time keeping, the museum quality Geochron clocks also depict month, day and time at any point on the earth.

Geochron Options and Accessories
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Geochron World Clock - Boardroom
Geochron World Clock - Boardroom
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Geochron World Clock - Original Kilburg
Geochron World Clock - Original Kilburg
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An Introduction to World time with Geochron

Geochron Scientific Information

The Geochron indicates where the sun is shining at any given moment. How? Via the illuminated pattern on the world map. The left edge of this pattern marks the moment of sunrise, while the right marks sunset. This sunrise and sunset pattern changes continually, as the seasons progress throughout the year. (For you trivia buffs, this feature of the Geochron also displays the winter solstice, summer solstice, and the fall and spring equinoxes each year.)

While most timepieces merely keep the time, there is one considered to be ahead of its time. The Geochron Global Time Indicator.

The Geochron is the only instrument of its kind to simultaneously show time and display the extent of daylight and darkness throughout the world.

That unique function represents the primary reason Geochron has become the time indicator of choice for anyone whose personal or professional interests lie beyond the borders of where they live. (And that's a rapidly-growing number, especially when you consider the worldwide technological and economic expansion of the last two decades.)

Now, how could any timepiece prove to be of such value to so many "globally-minded" people? Simple.

With one quick glance, the Geochron tells you the current time anywhere in the world. It also displays where the sun is rising, as well as when it will set. What's more, it indicates the current season everywhere in the world. Plus, at the risk of sounding like a late night infomercial, much more.

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