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Eureka Cartography Masterpiece World Globes

Globes fascinate us with their unique ability to portray our world as a beautiful sphere. Unlike flat maps, the globe is a perfect Earth model, showing accurate dimensions, directions and distances. Each world globe in the Masterpiece World Globe Collection by Eureka Cartography has been carefully designed to combine the most accurate geographic information with the finest cartographic styles and handcrafted stands for unsurpassed quality. Buy these superb globes for geography and cartography use as well as gift ideas for decorative world globes. Whether you buy a large globe (floor models) or buy a desk globe (table models), the uncompromising attention to detail and legibility produces globes with superb reference value and aesthetic appeal.  This is the advantage of the Eureka Globe Collection.

Eureka Desk Globes Eureka Desk Globes

World Globes from Geographic Experts

Eureka Globe's mapmakers are highly trained in both the art and science of globe making. Founded in 1983 in Berkeley, California, the company specializes in making top-quality maps, atlases and globes. A rigorous system of timely geographic research, editorial review and quality control insures each master design meets Eureka's high standards before being released for printing.

Accurate Geopolitical Information

Eureka Globe's mapmakers track changes worldwide, making place name and boundary updates each year. Each border and label has been carefully researched to provide the most accurate and current information possible.

Updateable Globes

Eureka Globes will provide a new 12" replacement ball for $50 or $75 for a 16" ball (plus S&H) to any Eureka Cartography Globe owner. A removable pin releases the globe from the meridian for easy replacement.

Unique Map Designs

The three different Eureka Cartography globe designs represent a modern interpretation of traditional cartographic styles throughout history. The oldest style is used on the parchment ocean globe with softly curved type and delicate coastal vignettes. The light blue ocean globe employs techniques from the 18th and 19th centuries. Our deep blue/gold earth globe ball interprets the world in a new, yet classic form to make a bold statement. All globes present current geopolitical information.

Superb Printing

Each Eureka globe is printed with special lustrous inks to add subtle highlights to decorative elements, much like the gilded portolan charts used by kings centuries ago. The highly polished bronze and blue world globe is created entirely from LusterPrint(tm) inks, resulting in an enamel-like finish. The parchment ocean globe has gold highlights for decorative elements and the light blue ocean globe uses both copper and deep blue reflective inks for decorative elements.

Detailed Place Names & Coastlines

Over 3000 place names are included on every 12" globe, 4000 on every 16" globe ball. In addition to cities, major landforms, rivers and water bodies are labeled. Highly detailed coastlines represent all continents and islands with precision.

Hand-crafted Designer Stands

Each stand is designed to complement but not overpower the globe. All are hand-finished and paired with coordinated meridians. Full rotating meridians allow the globe to pivot 360ø in addition to full rotation from the poles. A semi-meridian spins 360ø about the poles only, minimizing visual interference while retaining an articulated scale of degrees. An axis arm eliminates the meridian entirely but permits full 360ø rotation about the polar axis.

Easy to Read

Special care is taken to insure that all labels and symbols are legible. Abbreviations are utilized only rarely to assist those using the globes for reference.

Selecting a floor or table stand is a matter of personal preference and location. Table models are perfect for desks, credenzas, side or coffee tables, pedestals, wide shelves or ledges. Floor globes complement living rooms, dens, libraries, offices and entryways, much like fine furniture.

Pianki is pleased to offer the Eureka Cartography Masterpiece World Globe Collection, an exquisite collection of fine decorative earth world globes for office, home decor, or interior design ideas as well as an interest in cartography or geography. These exquisite decorative world globes add an air of romance or worldly sophistication to any home or office. Exacting in detail and aesthetically pleasing, these earth world globes, available as floor globes or table globes are fine additions to our selection of gift ideas for all gift occasions: anniversary, wedding, graduation, Christmas, or, retirement, as well as corporate gifts and home decor. Eureka Cartography world globes are excellent gift ideas for a birthday or a 25th, 40th, 50th, or 60th wedding anniversary. Whether you buy a floor model globe, a desk globe or a table model globe, choosing to buy globes by Eureka Cartography is a profound wise choice. Buy world globes from Pianki, an authorized dealer, to get the best service and support.