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The Pianki Mission

We are on a mission, engaged in a global search for the finest merchandise and services from around the world. Our goal is to provide world class luxury gifts, for those you love and honor, and elegant personal gifts, for the way you love living.
Inspired by the incredible music called Jazz, we offer luxury merchandise from brands and artisans reflective of our core motivations: Passion, Romance, Adventure, and Wisdom.

Pianki, more than a commercial venture, is the expression of an artful way of living. We work. We love. We travel. We dine. We laugh. We study. We live life with passion, always seeking adventures, small and grand, that make life a fulfilling experience. If you'd like to join us we invite you to come along.  Visit often, as we update and expand, engaged in our pursuit of world class luxury gifts that are exclusive, exquisite, and expensive.

Jazz is the ethos, the philosophy of the way we live, the way we do business.  We plan what we do and improvise as we do it.  It is a quest for merchandise and services of the highest levels of creativity, quality, and enjoyment.  Jazz, we listen to the music, and draw inspiration from the genius of its creators. Our way of living, our way of business, we call it the Jazz Life. Here are a few of the Pianki principles; indeed, we are firm in these commitments:

We like you before we meet you.
We are a company without borders.
We offer world class merchandise and services from around the world.
Quality is the unspoken foundation of all that we offer.
We will do our best to bring satisfaction in our relations with you.

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