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Tibaldi Bentley Brooklands Sterling Silver Rollerball Pen

Tibaldi Bentley Brooklands Sterling Silver Rollerball Pen

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Tibaldi Brooklands Silver Rollerball Pen
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Tibaldi Brooklands Collection - Sterling Silver Rollerball Pen

Limited Edition of 550



Celebrating 100 years since the opening of the legendary Brooklands motor racing track, Bentley

Motors proudly introduces the Bentley at Brooklands pen.

Hand etched with a special Bentley at Brooklands racing motif, the pen evokes the grand style and

exhilarating moments of Bentley victories on Brookland’s oval track.


Conceived in collaboration with TIBALDI, specialists in precious, technical and collectible writing

instruments, this special edition pen coincides with the launch of the magnificent Bentley Motors

Brooklands Coupé.



TIBALDI introduced Italy’s first Rollerball pen in 1916. Ever since, people from all walks of life have savoured TIBALDI’s precious, reliable and collectible pens.


“The Bentley at Brooklands pen reflects the craft elements of the car, emulating its material palette and tactile quality. We have designed a modern pen which captures some of the jewelry design elements from the interior of the Brooklands car.

I had a vision of the details I thought could work on a pen, but TIBALDI are the experts on pen proportion and which design elements work at this scale, so our close collaboration was critical”.


Robin Page, Bentley Head of Interior Design



The pen’s lacquered metal in beluga black with palladium trim makes for a striking contrast with the hand etched silver or white gold barrel.



The etching on the pen’s barrel was designed by Bentley interior designer Jonathan Punter. It is inspired by an image by Debra Wenlock called ‘Birkin Bentley and Austin Seven’ depicting the two cars on the Brooklands banking. The racer is taken from the Brooklands poster for the British 1000 miles race print.


“The intricacy of the etching pattern showcases the quality of TIBALDI’s technical execution.”


Robin Page, Bentley Head of Interior Design


The etching pattern on the pen’s barrel is designed by Bentley Interior Designer Jonathan Punter. The composition, depicting two cars racing on the famous Brooklands banking, is inspired by artwork produced for the famous races at Brooklands with which Bentley is so strongly affiliated. The relative scale of the Birkin Bentley to the diminutive Austin Seven provides a striking illustration of how imposing the Bentley racers were. The inclusion of the racer communicates the style and competitive spirit of the event.



The etching and engraving known as knurling is well-known by Bentley drivers. Always found on functional handles and buttons such as indicators, media system controls and gear shifts, knurling ensures a secure grip. Knurling is echoed on all parts of the Bentley at Brooklands pen that require turning – such as the lid and the section. The sterling silver or solid white gold etched barrel of the pen bears the Sheffield Assay Office Bentley Hallmark.

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