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FMR: Fontainebleau - silk
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FMR: Fontainebleau - silk
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Situated just a few leagues from Paris and immersed in the immense, hilly forest of Birre, is the Castle of Fontainebleau, which Napoleon called "the house of kings, the house of centuries". It is unique and defies classification. Its complex, anarchic architecture, together with its ornamental richness, makes it an extraordinarily seductive place. It has been inhabited since the XII century, continually enlarged and reorganised and was held in higher regard than any other royal home by French sovereigns. From, Francis I to Napoleon, all loved this castle, sometimes with passion and always with spontaneity. It is pervaded by a spirit of joie de vivre and liberty and was never given in apanage, as happened with many other properties. Its evident character as a personal refuge inspired the author of this book to recount the private and public history of each occupant and their influence on the building and its architectural and decorative evolution. It is a perspective all too rarely adopted in the study of historical monuments and it is particularly welcome and suitable for this site, the beloved, intimate retreat of sovereigns, rather than an ornament of the court.
In its Grand Tour collection, FMR offers an extremely rich, especially commissioned iconography, together with a learned, impassioned, lively text by Simone Bertière who, while making the splendours of this residence live again, renders its secret corners and centuries-old vicissitudes as familiar to us as if it were our own home.
Title: Fontainbleau
Pages: 168
Tables: 107
Author: Simone Bertière, Amaury Lefébure
Edition: French
Year: 2006
Dimensions: (cm)30x30
Rilegato: Silk
Photos by: Giovanni Ricci Novara
Iconographia: the Castle of Fontainebleau, which Napoleon called "the house of kings, the house of centuries"