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Pasotti Ombrelli Umbrellas

Luxury Umbrellas and Parasols

Pasotti Lux Women's Umbrellas
Pasotti Lux Women's Umbrellas
Handmade luxury women's umbrellas with sophisticated artistic designs.
Pasotti Women's Umbrellas
Pasotti Women's Umbrellas
Handmade ladies umbrellas with artful designs and luxury handles.
Pasotti Men's Umbrellas
Pasotti Men's Umbrellas
Elegant and eccentric handmade umbrellas for gentlemen.

World Class Handmade Umbrellas for Men and Women

Pasotti Ombrelli offers handmade luxury fashion umbrellas with splendid designs, luxurious fabrics, creative decorations and artistic handles. Since 1956, Pasotti Ombrelli has offered innovative designs and world class quality. These magnificent umbrella Masterpieces bring the "Made in Italy" label to the entire world. In addition to designs and fabrics, Pasotti Ombrelli embellishes these exquisite luxury umbrellas on handmade handles and on the trimming: from Swarovski crystals, sewn by hand to garnets, just to give two examples. Pasotti umbrellas can be personalized to make them uniquely yours.

Pasotti Luxury Fashion Umbrellas for Women

Pasotti Ombrelli Lux Women's Umbrellas are the ladies umbrella of choice for celebrities, fashonistas, and women who live life with a flare. Pasotti Ombrelli of Italy offers handmade luxury fashion umbrellas for women in colors that are bold and flamboyant and in designs that are as exciting as they are artistic. Pasotti Ombrelli women's umbrellas are available in two collections, a regular and a luxury umbrella collection. Combined with handles that can be customized according to the customers wish, Pasotti luxury women's umbrellas are beautiful fashion accessories that clearly reveal a refined elegance or bold personal style.

Pasotti Elegant Luxury Men's Umbrellas

Pasotti Ombrelli handmade men's umbrellas are elegant and stylish. Handcrafted with designs that run from the understated to the eccentric, Pasotti luxury men's umbrellas offer the well dressed man an umbrella that suits both dress and personal style.