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Custom Alligator Belts

Handmade: Best Men's Alligator Skin Belts

Our custom handmade men's alligator belts are crafted in five distinct finishes: Classic, Hornback, Diamond Hornback, Matte, and Millennium. A complete wardrobe has at least two of the standard colors: black, brown, or cognac. We offer one-piece alligator belts for those who demand the best personalized handmade custom alligator belt. Buy the world's best custom alligator skin belts.

  •  Select the belt type, snap or strap.
  •  Customize each alligator belt by finish, length, width, color
  •  Select splice or get the ultimate one-piece alligator belt.
  •  Personalized alligator belt with name or initials.
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Millennium Alligator Belt
Millennium Alligator Belt
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Classic Alligator Belt
Classic Alligator Belt
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Matte Alligator Belt
Matte Alligator Belt
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Hornback Alligator Belt
Hornback Alligator Belt
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World Class: Best Men's Alligator Skin Belts & Straps

Bespoke alligator leather belts are a recommended luxury gift idea for him, the well-dressed executive, fashion conscious dresser, or those of the finest tastes. Pianki Custom Alligator belts are the world's finest. Here are some reasons why:

Tradition & Style: Who's the man? It's you when you wear the finest men's alligator belts made. No one handcrafts alligator belts and alligator belt straps like Pianki. The artisans working with Pianki have handcrafted belts and belt straps for the well dressed man for over 70 years.

Best Selection: Alligator belts are available in five distinct and exclusive finishes: Classic, Hornback, Diamond Hornback Matte,  and Millennium. Upon request we offer custom coloring and custom sizing, and alligator belt straps. Subject to availability we offer custom alligator belts from selected parts of the hide.

The Liner
: Cut from a 9-10 oz vegetable tanned steer hide back, the liner is the spine of the Pianki alligator belt. The original stiffness of the belt is a signature characteristic of a dense, high quality leather belt. The belt's stiffness dissipates with wear as the belt molds itself to the body while retaining strength and durability of the leather belt liner.

The Leather Covering: All leathers used in Pianki leather gator belts are cut by hand. Where necessary the strips are spliced (Lizard, some Alligator, Hornback Alligator, etc). In a Pianki Alligator belt the alligator skins are cut "north to south - nose to tail" as opposed to the typical "east to west - side to side" cut found in most alligator belts. This technique takes advantage of the strength of the skin's collagen fibers and it produces the distinctively unique Pianki alligator belt pattern.

Hand Sanding: After our belt edges are trimmed, each belt is hand sanded to insure the ultimate mating between the two leathers. As with sanding a joint on a fine piece of furniture, we insure that the seam between leathers is virtually indistinguishable. Pianki alligator belts and exotic leather belts are non-stitched.

Hand Beveled Edges: This is a handcrafting touch that marks true gator belt making craftsmanship. Hand beveled edges create the signature "high dome" characteristics of our belts giving each exotic leather belt a custom, handcrafted workmanship.

Edge Painting: Each Pianki alligator leather belt is hand painted using a two inch brush. Our flexible ink is unique in that it is absorbed into the leather belt and does not crack.

Handmade belts by Handcrafted Quality
: There are between seventeen and twenty individual steps in making a Pianki gator belt; each step essential to crafting a belt of the finest quality, with inherent durability. For an alligator belt or exotic leather belt to be world class it must be a handmade belt, a handcrafted belt. Pianki alligator belts, exotic leather belts, and belt straps last a life time.

Handmade Expensive Men's Alligator Leather Belts

Pianki expensive alligator belts are for discerning clientele, those who demand the finest in elegant dress and sophistication. A Pianki handmade custom alligator belt or luxury alligator belt strap is an expensive belt because it is, quite simply, the finest from fit to finish. The custom one-piece alligator belt is the ultimate expensive personalized alligator belt. The alligator leather is top quality and the artisans are second to none. Our alligator belts are world-class!